About lampspaces



The space within the lampshade offers an opportunity for peaceful contemplation, and a place to rest your thoughts, Many of these lamps are Constructivist in nature, generally simple shapes combined into patterns, with close attention to the relationships between elements, and their function with respect to the light. Complex arrangements of simple shapes invite the mind to dwell in these places, and to be enveloped within the lamp-space. 

Lamp Construction

Each lamp is crafted by hand using high quality veneers and solid wood bases. Table lamps are made with brass rotary switch and heavy brass harp. All electric components are UL listed, and connections are made within a covered metal box.  Lamps are treated with water-based polyurethane sealer and sanded smooth to make dusting easy.


In the coming weeks I'll be working to build an inventory of lamps. New lamps made to order will have photos posted online so you can see your new lamp prior to shipping.  The checkout and payment section of this website has not yet been completed. Thanks for your patience. In the mean time feel free to call to discuss delivery and payment options.